In a conversation about moving, one rarely hears the words relaxing, pampered, and happy. More likely than not, you’ll hear stressed, exhausted, and drained. But what if we could make your move feel like a five-star vacation? Here’s our suggestions for making your chaotic move feel more like day in on the beach.


What better way to make your move feel like a vacation than to treat yourself to deep tissue massage, mani/pedi, or facial. After packing all of those dishes, you’ve earned it! Our people really like Primp & Play. You’ll come home with glowing skin and all your things moved into your new home. Sounds like a win-win to me!


One of the things I love most about traveling is trying all types of new, delicious food, right at my fingertips. So why shouldn’t we make moving day feel as great as that? We deserve to have all the great foods in our fridge as soon as we’re finished moving. How, you ask? Instacart. They deliver the groceries you want from places like Whole Foods and Reading Terminal Market. Use the mobile app to get your food delivered on moving day so that you can stock your cabinets and reward yourself for all your hard work. My post-move fave treats are the Whole Foods fudge brownies and the turkey and cranberry sandwiches at Reading Terminal Market.


I always get an icky feeling when I’m packing up dirty laundry just to unpack it again in my new home. It feels like a waste of my time, and counterproductive. One of the blisses of a vacation on a resort is I can leave my dirty laundry at the door, and it magically reappears clean, folded, and ready for wearing. Your moving day should give you that same delightful feeling. For a resort-inspired move, I totally recommend Wash Cycle Laundry. You can schedule the pick-up online the day before your move, receive updates throughout the process, and then BOOM, your clean laundry is returned to your new home the next day, just as moving day is coming to a close. Yes, please!

And there you have it. Moving doesn’t have to be the “worst thing ever.” Alternatively, it can be turned into a vacation-like experience by using a Pad Porter Concierge to plan all the details from start-to-finish. Questions about our services? Let us know.