Did you know that Old City has America’s most historic square mile?  Independence National Historical Park is an international destination, attracting 3.6 million visitors annually. Important culturally and economically, Old City is also home to world-class museums, theaters and art galleries.

Here’s the Pad Porter list of essential places to explore as soon as you move to Old City, so you can begin to love your new hood even faster.

Amazing Neighbors

Get to know the amazing, diverse and eclectic folks that call Old City home! Check out Old City District  as the neighborhood association for local resources and meet your neighbors at their monthly general meeting every third Wednesday.

  • A cozy cafe.

Old City has some really lovely options for neighborhood go-to spots (or a local jawn, as we say in Philly) where everyone will soon know your name. Make sure to stop by Menagerie Coffee for the great coffee and light, yet filling breakfast items. Happily Ever After is the cutest cafe you will ever step into- decorated with hilarious signs and silent TV montages that are bound to stir up conversations with the other patrons.



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  • A grocery store you love.

Let’s face it, eating is mandatory, and finding the foods you like is a big part of feeling comfortable in your nest. If you are looking to support a local business definitely check out Old City Food Market. The closest large supermarket is Acme Supermarket on 309 S. 5th St. For liquor, your best bet is Fine Wine & Spirits Store at 32 S 2nd St.


  • A place to recharge your batteries.

Old City is filled with an array of wellness oriented places so that you can find solace and rejuvenation without getting in your car.  Lithe Method is our newest love for fun, innovative and effective fitness regimen inspired by movement and spirit of cheerleading. For heavy lifting definitely check out Fearless Athletics.   



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  • Weekend delight & Saturday night.

Old City is filled with fun activities that make it easy to feel invigorated after a long week. First Fridays is a great time to explore the galleries and enjoy specials at the local restaurants. And we just love Bierstube German Tavern; this pub has delicious eats and has the largest selection of German beer than any other place in Philly.



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  • Reliable support for your top errands.

We all have a standard list of errands that we come back to every week or two and it’s most convenient to do these in ear your home. Steve’s Olde City Cleaners and Tailors does a stellar job washing and folding clothes and we call on BoneJour for all our pet needs. For house cleaning, we like Keep It Clean with Raylene  for consistently awesome care to our countertops and floors.

Quick tips

  • Trash and recycling pickup day: Friday for most of the neighborhood. Enter your address here to verify.
  • City of Phila free recycling bins: It is offered through the neighborhood association. Contact them at info@oldcitydistrict.org
  • Utilities company: PECO for electricity, PGW for gas, City of Philadelphia for water and sanitation, Comcast and Verizon Fios for phone, internet and cable service.
  • City services: Start with calling or submitting a request to 311.They can generally direct you to the right information even if they can’t process the request for you.
  • Parking: Get a Residential Parking Permit from the Philadelphia Parking Authority for Zone 10  so that you can park longer than the 2- hour limit on designated streets. Find the streets that accept residential parking permits here
  • Find your Local City Council Representative: http://phlcouncil.com/council-members/
  • Local websites for more info and activities: Next Door- Old City , Uwishunu , Not For Tourists