Moving– it’s a universal truth that everyone hates it. I’ve moved twenty-six times in my life, from Baltimore to Brooklyn, from Panama to Philadelphia. And with every move, although I picked up some really great tips, I also had some nightmares (mattress flying off the top of a van, flat tire on moving day, ex-boyfriend standing me up instead of loading my furniture—yes, yes and yes!). And because I kept relocating, moving was just a reminder of how unsettled and alone I was. With the packing, cleaning, and repairs, I’d ask myself: why can’t there be just one person to help me with all of this?


When I finally decided to stay in Philadelphia for good, I was excited to build a community and the roots for a place I could call home. And I wanted to create that for other people– a way to take something as stressful as moving and make people to feel cared for and relieved. A service that allows people to feel at home faster.

And Pad Porter is just that. We are a one-stop resource for managing your move and handling the unpacking, repairs, and errands. We aim to make your home feel like home when you move in – furniture assembled, groceries in your fridge, art on your walls and TV mounted. With all the crazy moving stories I’ve had in my own life, there’s no greater joy to me than helping other busy Philly folks love their home, enjoy the city and have time for what matters most.


Nonya Collier

Founder of Pad Porter