How It Works


Save up to 25 hours
$$50 and up
  •  A Personal Assistant to:
  • +Schedule movers, cleaners and furniture assemblers

  • + Setup your cable and utilities

  • + Reserve elevators or parking

  • + Order supplies

  • + Change your address with USPS

Additional Services

Your Personal Assistant

When you book Moving Day Handled services, your Personal Assistant:

  • Schedules setup your cable and utilities for your new home and request shut off for your current home
  • Reserves the elevators, loading docks or parking permits for your move
  • Submits your change of address with USPS
  • Gets quotes for movers and other service providers
  • Upon request, your Personal Assistant can also help you find great deals on packing supplies and other home items. Just email us!


Your Personal Assistant can fully manage your new home tasks if you’re away with our First Class service: +$125 for up to 2 hrs

  • Transport items that you’d rather not put in the moving truck such as plants and fragile lampshades and artwork.
  • Oversee movers or cable installations, furniture deliveries or repairs. Your Pad Porter concierge will let your service providers in, send you pictures of the progress, keep you updated on the job so that items are completed the way you request, and lock up on our way out!
  • Complete a move-in/ move-out inspection to confirm your home is in its promised condition
  • Run errands like returning your cable box, get key copies or stock your home with groceries and supplies

Your Pad Porter service providers organize them so that it is easy for you to unpack and find your items:

  • They bring supplies and pack your items with great care. They bubble wrap fragile items individually, use wardrobe boxes for your clothes, and keep your valuables well protected.
  • Every box gets labeled with the enclosed items and room it’s going to so you can easily find your items.



Your house will feel more like home when our organizers unpack your home

  • You items will be easy to find in cabinets, drawers and closets based on how your previous home was arranged or a custom organizing system.
  • Your tupperware will be matched with lids and dusty items will be wiped down.
  • Not enough space? We’ll advise you on storage, furniture or shelving so that your items fit comfortably in your new home
  • Pad Porter service providers pack up all boxes and packing supplies for storage or reuse.



Pad Porter can schedule your move-in and move-out housecleanings. This is a deep cleaning that includes:

  • Cleaning inside the refrigerator, stove and ovens
  • Wiping down allCabinets, shelves and surfaces
  • Deep cleaning the bathrooms
  • Vacuuming and/or mopping floors, and
  • Interior windows and window blinds

Carpet shampooing is available for an additional fee

Handy services

Pad Porter has providers that can help you

  • Install shelves, artwork and coathooks to keep your home organized and expand your storage space
  • Mount your TV so that neck strain doesn’t end your Netflix and Chill nights
  • Assemble your furniture like bookcases, desks, and storage units
Clearing your unwanted Items

You don’t have to change your work schedule just to get rid of Grandma’s old couch– Pad Porter can coordinate removal of your unwanted items on your moving day.

  • We coordinate donation for most items from local organizations including Habitat For HumanityGoodwill and Circle Thrift. They will provide you with a tax-deductible donation receipt.
  • Items that are not accepted for donation like cribs or broken items can be hauled for disposal.

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