We’re not the only ones who get stressed out when we move to a new home. Our canine buddies are also prone to anxiety when they’re uplifted from one location and placed into another. Not only are their surroundings new – new floor, new smells, new neighbors – but they are also taking on our worries (love those loyal besties). I’ve moved with my dog a few times, and realized that it is just as important to prepare the pup for the move, as it is to prepare myself. She is, after all, always there for me when I need some free therapy. There is no foolproof solution, but here are some helpful tips for a calmer, happier moving experience.

  1. Pack your pet’s bag.

Just as we suggest packing a Go Bag for your most essential items while moving, you should also pack your pup’s items: poop bags, leash, toys or blanket, water bowl and a small container of food.

  1. Keep your canine friends in a chill location.

Moving day might be a good day to treat your doggie to a hotel day. If not, keep her in a quiet and secure area so you can move in your stuff in as much as possible before bringing her to the new home. She’ll be less anxious about the strangers taking the furniture out of the front door and you’ll be less worried about her getting hurt or being in the way.

  1. Remember your pal’s routine.

Moving does a 180 on your routine with packing, overseeing contractors and doing walkthroughs. But don’t forget to consider your dog’s daily schedule when coordinating your Moving Day schedule. Put a reminder in your phone so that your buddy doesn’t have an accident on your new carpet!

  1. Travel in your own vehicle.

I’d steer clear of transporting uncrated pups in the front seat of a moving truck– the extra  turbulence and cramped cabin space of moving trucks is no fun for anyone really. Make sure you plan the space and time to transport your pet safely. Don’t overload your backseat with your furniture if that’s where Max sits.