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Pad Porter coordinates your move so that you love your new home faster

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Handle Everything Annoying About Moving And Make My New House a Home company.

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Personal Assistants coordinate all the details you need for your move and new home- switch cable, run errands, unpacking help and more!

We provide a top quality team of movers, cleaners and handy professionals to complete all of the services your home needs.


Personal Assistant

Manage Contractors
Get Supplies

Packing and Unpacking
Utilities Setup



Furniture Assembly

Shelves and Art Hanging


Professional Services


Furniture Assembly

Art and Shelf Hanging


Personal Assistant

Manage Contractors

Packing and Unpacking

Get Supplies & Run Errands

Cable & Utilities Setup

How It Works

account-icon Select the services you need for your home in less steps than it takes to order a hoagie.

Choose your service date. We work 7 days a week!

meet-iconWe schedule the appointments, order the supplies, and setup your accounts so you don’t have to!

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What Customers Are Saying

Ryan L., Old City

 It was such a relief to have Pad Porter oversee my contractors right after I moved into my new home. I was unable to change my work schedule and needed someone to fill me in with the details of the progress. LeeAnn called me with questions, sent me pictures of the progress and made sure everything was left the way I wanted. She seemed familiar with the work being done and she asked questions that I wasn’t even aware of so that was a huge plus. I’ll definitely be using Pad Porter the next time I have repairs, it was totally worth it!

Kevin L., University City

“I love the services Pad Porter provides! I work an hour away from my home and I was able to use Pad Porter to ensure my cable and internet were installed and new furniture was delivered. My Pad Porter personal assistant arrived on time to my home before I left for work and everything had been handled by the time I arrived home that evening.”

Rod Y., Rittenhouse Sq.

“Pad Porter was very helpful in getting my furniture assembled, putting all my items away and stocking my groceries in my new apartment. It felt so nice to come to my new apartment and already feel at home without having to deal with the chaos of unpacking.”

Cassidy N., Graduate Hospital

“The moving process was super simple.  After I booked my appointment, I got an itinerary that spelled out when my Pad Porter providers were arriving. My personal assistant showed up before my move with breakfast and coffee. She helped me finish packing the last few boxes and  transported my plants in her car so I wouldn’t have to. I’ve never had such an easy move. Will definitely be using Pad Porter again!”

Tonya E., Art Museum

“I used Pad Porter when I was moving into a smaller apartment and needed to downsize my items. It was a great experience! They helped me sort which items to take or donate, dropped off my donation items, packed everything for my new apartment, and found me a storage system so that it could all fit well in the new place. Chelsea and Nonya were really sweet and actually made organizing my junk (or watching them organize my junk) fun.”

Why use Pad Porter

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